When Should I Repair My Foundation?

Your home’s foundation is its backbone. A damaged or unsound foundation can lead to catastrophic damage if it is not repaired in a timely manner. This may lead homeowners to question whether their foundation is in need of repair. Continue reading on to learn about the warning signs that a repair is in order.


Signs Your Foundation Is In Trouble

The first signs to look for when determining if your foundation needs repair are usually cracking, sinking, and settling. Some settling is normal, especially in newly poured foundations. However, extreme settling over long periods of time can shift walls and your home’s overall structure. 

While yes, cracks can be a sign of a damaged foundation, not all cracks will spell disaster. Cracks that are less than a quarter of an inch in length usually occur due to a home’s settling and are not a sign that your foundation needs to be repaired. But, always keep an eye on cracks to make sure they are not growing.


I Want To Sell My Home, Should I Fix My Foundation First?

Masonry workers, realtors, and lenders alike all strongly recommend repairing a home’s foundation before it is put on the market. A damaged foundation is a common reason potential buyers will decide against buying a specific home. Few buyers are keen on the idea of a large repair such as a foundation right at move-in. While homeowners may not want to spend the money on repairs, this often leads to far lower offers on their home and can in turn lead to them losing more money than if they fixed their foundation issues in the first place! Beyond this, it is a common practice by lenders to deny financing unless the foundation of a home meets standards. Your home’s foundation should always be checked and, if needed, repaired before your home hits the market.


Think You Need A Foundation Repair? Contact Local Boston Masonry!

Catching any problems with your foundation early can prevent costly and time-consuming repairs. Luckily, Local Boston Masonry is able to help no matter the magnitude of damage to your foundation. Your home’s foundation is one of its most important components, don’t take shortcuts when it comes to protecting your home! If you live in the Greater Boston area, contact Local Boston Masonry & Construction.


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