The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

Water damage in a basement

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

Homeowners are often tempted to focus on improvements that directly change their home’s appearance. Basement waterproofing, however, is a hidden fix that is one of the most important updates you can make to your home. All parts of your home are at some risk of water damage, but none more than your basement. A basement’s location is underground and surrounded by soil, making it difficult to protect moisture released from soil from entering your home. As soil releases moisture it stores after snowfall or rain, it is natural to find cracks in your basement walls to seep through. When water enters basements problems such as paint and other wall damage, mold formation, insect infestation, and in extreme cases even foundation collapses.  Below are the main reasons why you need to waterproof your basement.

Prevent Flood Risks

Flooding is a serious risk to Greater Boston homeowners. One large storm can leave your basement flooded and facing intense damage and repair work. By waterproofing your basement Local Boston Masonry can greatly reduce the risk of flooding. This is achieved by changing the way water reaches your home. Directing water and drainage away from your foundation and basement waterproofing can mitigate flood risks for your home. Even small leaks can give way to flooding, protect your basement before it is too late!

Lock Out Moisture

Even if it doesn’t result in a full-fledged flood, any water or moisture inside your basement is still a huge issue!. Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, excess moisture can severely damage any personal belongings within your basement whether it is clothing, art or furniture. Beyond this, moisture-filled basements are the perfect atmosphere for mold growth. Mold development in your home not only damages belongings, it can also pose serious health risks to homeowners and visitors both! A lesser known yet equally problematic effect of moisture-filled basements is increased humidity within your home. As the moisture evaporates and moves upward into your home the result is rising humidity leaving your home sweaty and uncomfortable. Waterproofed basements which are not water-logged are proven to decrease the internal humidity of homes.

Contact Local Boston Masonry To Waterproof Your Basement

Waterproofing your Boston area home is one of the most important updates you can make to protect your home’s structural integrity and value as well as your family and their belongings! Are you ready to protect your home, and fight the New England humidity? Contact Local Boston Masonry to get started!  

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