How To Tell If Your Chimney is Damaged

Damaged chimney

How To Tell If Your Chimney is Damaged

It can be hard for homeowners to tell that their chimney is damaged, but it’s an important area to pay attention to. While some deterioration is more serious than others, chimneys are a structure that you don’t want to leave vulnerable to further damage. There are a few main things to look for when it comes to chimney damage. By giving your chimney and its components a good look every once in a while, you can spot any of the problems below and get them addressed before they get worse.

Large cracks have caused bricks to come loose

Mortar won’t last forever, so cracks and crumbling bricks can be a sign that the material that keeps your bricks intact is no longer doing its job. Mortar typically wears down over time due to exposure to water, especially water that goes through the freeze-melt cycle.  Even if it’s just one loose brick, you’ll want to have a professional come take a look and assess the rest of the structure. Whether it’s an isolated issue or a sign that the chimney needs replacing, you can rest easy knowing that it will be structurally sound once fixed.

More smoke than usual is being produced

Too much smoke can be a sign of a number of issues ranging from simple to more complicated. A blockage of some sort is usually to blame when this happens, which can create some very serious risk factors if left unaddressed. If something is obstructing the flue, it can prevent the smoke from being released and cause it to back up…a major risk factor for carbon monoxide poisoning. If creosote buildup is to blame for the excess smoke, the creosote itself can catch fire and possibly spread to other areas of your home. Either way, if smoke isn’t effectively exiting through your chimney as it should call a professional to take a look right away.

There are signs of water damage

Some of these are more obvious than others, but there are a number of signs that indicate water is leaking into your chimney.
  • Water has gotten into the fireplace/firebox
  • You smell a strong odor like mold or mildew coming from your fireplace or chimney
  • Water damage, such as stains or bulging, is evident in the ceiling or walls surrounding the chimney
  • You notice a white substance has formed on the outside of your chimney
Don’t hesitate to call a chimney professional at the first sign of any leak that’s allowing water into your chimney or the surrounding areas of your home. The sooner the leak is found, the quicker it can get fixed and prevent further damage from happening.

Call Local Boston Masonry to Inspect Your Chimney

Living with a damaged chimney is a direct risk to both your home and its inhabitants. If you are concerned about possible chimney damage do not wait- call Local Boston Masonry’s team of fully licensed and insured masonry experts today!  

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