How Dangerous Is A Damaged Chimney?

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How Dangerous Is A Damaged Chimney?

In the past, the Local Boston Masonry blog has discussed how to tell if your chimney is damaged. Today, however, we will cover just how dangerous a damaged chimney can be for your home. This article will help you understand and appreciate the dangers of a damaged chimney.

Exposure to Toxic Fumes

One common waste product of burning gas or wood is dangerous carbon monoxide. Under proper conditions, it escapes the building and goes into the atmosphere. A damaged chimney can release this toxic gas and other types of gases into the room. Carbon monoxide is tasteless and odorless, making it difficult to detect early. The spread of this gas across the room leads to severe health issues and even death in some cases. 

Possible Home Fires

The health risk is not the only issue at hand. A damaged chimney contains combustible materials such as creosote. These parts and other combustible parts of the house get exposed to heat. The heat makes it easier for these materials to ignite. The fire spreads quickly through the walls making it difficult to put out. So, a damaged chimney can also cause home fires. 

A Caving Chimney

The structure of chimneys guarantees their long-lasting usage. However, that is different when you have a damaged chimney. The various and vital parts of the chimney experience corrosion. Once corrosion reaches a structural level, keeping the chimney functioning for a long time is challenging. These can lead to extra maintenance costs or damaged roofs, depending on the level of corrosion. 

Increased Cost

The cost of keeping the fire running becomes higher when a chimney is faulty. When there is carbon monoxide accumulation in the chimney structure, it affects the ignition level. Also, when there are cracks, the influence of wind and rain on the structure makes ignition more difficult. It also leads to heat loss. When there is heat loss, the efficiency of the chimney also reduces. Heat loss and increased fuel costs are also effects of a damaged chimney. 

Ensure Your Chimney is Safe with Local Boston Masonry

A good chimney structure is essential to keep the heat circulation during winter. However, a damaged chimney cannot provide heat effectively and, worse, can lead to serious damage to your home’s roof as well as increase the risk of a house fire. Don’t take risks with a damaged chimney this winter, contact Local Boston Masonry and allow our masonry team to take a look. We handle all types of chimney services, from full rebuilds, removals, waterproofing, and more.  

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