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Don’t let a small crack on the foundation of your building develop into a serious problem later on. Hire the professionals at Local Boston Masonry and Construction to inspect the foundation and provide all the necessary repairs to keep the structural integrity of the building intact.

Be assured we are fully licensed and offer competitive prices. With 20 years of experience, we can handle any foundation work. Call us today!

Comprehensive Basement/Foundation Services Include

  • Cracked Foundation & Slab Repair
  • Foundation Crack Repair Service
  • Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Repair And Stabilization
  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Foundation Stabilization Service
  • Foundation Tuckpointing Service
  • Pouring Basement Wall
  • Seal Basement Wall
  • Structural Repair
  • Basement Bowed Wall Repairs
  • Basement Damp Proofing
  • Basement Leak Repair
  • Basement Repointing
  • Basement Settlement Repair
  • Basement Structural Repair
  • Basement Wall Replacement
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Bowed Wall Repair
  • Concrete Crack Mending


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